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Who are you?

I am a self-employed developer and started a thread in the webOS Nation forum looking for a developer.

What is your motivation?

I love my webOS, but there are still a few things missing. I want to help to fill those gaps, one after the other.

But isn't webOS dead?

No it is not.

There are many articles about the death of webOS but I agree with a statement that Rod Whitby from webosinternals did a while ago: If you have a phone that is working and you have an operating system on it that is working, you don't need to worry about it.

While it certainly would be nice to be looking forward to new devices and new releases, it is still no reason to stop working on the current system.

How will it work?

I will start sponsoring one of the Proposals. I will ask all webOS developers that I can get hold on for submitting a quote for realizing the desired feature.

I will put the developer and their quotes online so that all people can see what effort and which costs are implied realizing that feature.

Once the feature is available it will be made open source and provided for free.

Why will it be open source?

It will be open source as I love open source.

How will you get your money back?

I don't want to earn money with this sponsoring.

I hope though that the community will like the effort that I am undertaking and will consider to contribute money to webOS 24.

As soon as the amount of contributed money and my personal engagement will make the realization of another proposal possible, I will start sponsoring the next one.

And what if a developer will overtake a proposal?

Well, then I would be happy. :) If somebody is thinking of one of the proposals that it is worth turning it into a paid app, I would be happy to buy it. And if he or she earns decent money with the idea it is well deserved and a sign that webOS is everything but not dead.