GNUPG Support for Mail

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The GNUPG plug in for Mail provides functionality to decrypt and encrypt e-mails in Mail.


Basic features

Private Key
The private key must be uploaded to the device via USB in order to avoid the insecure transmission via other means of transport.
Decrypting Mail
If the user receives an encrypted e-mail, the plug in will offer the user the choice to decrypt the mail.
Encrypting Mail
If the user is about to send an e-mail to a recipient, whose e-mail address is known to the plug in, it will offer the user the choice to send it encrypted.
Automatic retrieval
If a public key for decryption or encryption is not in the local key ring, the public key is automatically loaded from the key servers.

Advanced features

Key Servers
The user can either select a set of key servers from a drop down list or enter his own preferred key servers.
The key servers will be used for retrieving the public keys for sender addresses in case they are yet unknown.
Key Management
The key management allows the user to browse the known e-mail addresses and their public keys.