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This plug in displays the tasks from in the Tasks application on your webOS device.

This product uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk.



The plug in is available in the repository and via the web page. The source coce can be found on GitHub. (see sections at the end of this page as well).

Initial Setup

  1. Install the plug in
  2. Create a new account
    New Account Type
  3. Enter your username and password
    Username and password
  4. Authorize the access in the pop up window
  5. Go back to your account and push "Login" again
  6. Set up your sync interval
    Sync interval
  7. Close all remaining windows
    Token validation
  8. Create the account
    Account creation


  1. Remove the RTM account from Accounts
  2. Uninstall the old version
  3. Install the new version
  4. Start the new version and follow the instructions on the screen
    1. It should detect the missing token automatically and load the page
    2. Login on that page and confirm the 'delete' permission.
    3. Choose the desired sync interval; 5 minutes for testing, 12 hours or 1 day for real life usage
    4. Create an account in Accounts; you must enter the same username but any password would do - the password is not used, the token is used instead.


You will see a new list in your Tasks application called "RTM", which will contain all your tasks from your online account.

The tasks will be synced based on the time the sync is established. If the user selects "once per day" as sync interval, the tasks will be synced every day at the time the sync interval has been selected. If the phone should be off or offline at the time the sync is scheduled, the sync will happen as soon as the phone is online again and will then sync every day at this time.

Two Way Sync

The plugin supports as per version 0.2.0 a two-way-sync mechanism.

The following five attributes are monitored by the plug in:

  1. Completion
  2. Priority
  3. Due date
  4. Subject or name
  5. Notes

Any change of at least one of those attributes on either server or device will trigger the 'out of sync' resolver. The resolver will process the tasks as follows:

If a task is modified on the server, the local task will be replaced with the server task.
If a task is modified locally only, it will be updated on the server during next sync.
If task is deleted on the server, it will be deleted from device during next sync.
If new task is created locally, it will not be synced; tasks can only be created on the server.

You may notice some numbers and hash at the end of the notes field for each task on your device; these are very important - never remove or edit them!

Limitations and Known Issues

  • As there is no Tasks app (yet) for the TouchPad, this plug in will not work there.
  • There is a bug on the server: when you rename task on device and sync it, the new name is sent to the server;

the web client will still show the old name of the task until you logout and log back in

  • When you edit notes on the device, you must ensure that after next sync you don't edit this task until another sync.

This is because server supports multiple notes and titles, which webOS does not, so task with local modification of notes will be identified as changed on the server before 2nd sync and you will notice that notes on device will include both old and new notes. It is therefore recommended to avoid editing notes on device.

Change Log

Version 0.2.0

  • Implementation of Two Way Sync
  • Fixed Bug when some tasks were not imported from server. Repeating tasks were not parsed correctly, so in case when there were more tasks within one taskseries, these were missing on the device

Version 0.1.0

  • Initial release